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Online poker odds cover a wide variety of subjects and it consists of many concepts such as expected value, Pot Odds, Implied Odds, Position and so on. Though these terms may look and sound very easy to experienced poker gaming experts, for beginners and rookies these terms may sound Roman and Italian. So this is an article that makes an attempt to easily explain the various terms related to online poker odds so that it become more user friendly and easily understandable to even common people. For those who speak French and love casino games, you'll enjoy your stay at The casino francais page features a variety of awesome stuff!

One of the most common online poker odds that are very often referred to is Â"Seven to OneÂ". This usually takes place when you placed a bet with a 7 is to 1 option. This means that the person who is playing against you will pay you 7 in case you win and in case you lose you have to pay him 1. The 7:1 could be anything that is mutually agreed. It would be USD, Euros or it could be almost anything including a mug of beer. The moot point of Seven to One is that your opponent will pay you seven against one that you will have to pay in case you lose.

In the same note if someone were to offer you a 7:1 on a race horse and you agree to the betting proposition and pay $20 then let us see what happens. In case the horse on which you betted $20 wins the race or comes in a place that you have betted on then the loser is bound to pay you $140. Inversely, if your horse was to lose the race or was not in the position that you had betted on then the $20 you had betted would stand forfeited. So you should take this bet only when you are reasonably sure that the horse on which you are betting stands a reasonable chance of winning.

There are a lot of other betting terms which could also be termed as online poker odds. The best place to learn more about them is without doubt the internet and if you can spend a few hours learning more about it, you would become more comfortable with the various terms that are in vogue.